Systemadministrator with a certain tendency to chaos.

21 Feb 2021

How to build Python3 on Debian Buster

Learn how to build and install the latest version of Python3 on Debian Buster.
01 Aug 2020

The development of Vitae 2.1

I have known for a long time that open source has a future and that it offers us so many great possibilities. Now I was able to see for myself during the work on the new version, how great Open Source is and how much joy it makes to work in collaboration with others.
22 Apr 2020

The story about rewriting Vitae

Three days ago I released the rewritten version of Vitae. In the beginning I just wanted to integrate my written new features better into the theme, but then as always everything turned out differently.
03 Mar 2020

Don't worry, I'm still alive

Due to health problems I was unfortunately not able to structure the pile of ideas in my head during the last 2 months. Therefore I am delaying the sorting of the ideas and will not start with it until the middle of this month. Although I was absent, I still have some more to tell.
02 Jan 2020

A new year, a new decade and how i'll proceed

In the last days of 2019 I felt something that I have not felt for a long time. Pure joy, total statisfaction and serenity. Now 2020 has begun and I still feel the same. So many ideas have piled up in my head, I can't wait to get to work on all of them. At the beginning of this year I will probably be busy sorting the ideas.