Systemadministrator mit einer gewissen Neigung zum Chaos.

03 Mär 2020

Don't worry, I'm still alive

Due to health problems I was unfortunately not able to structure the pile of ideas in my head during the last 2 months. Therefore I am delaying the sorting of the ideas and will not start with it until the middle of this month. Although I was absent, I still have some more to tell.

During my recovery, I have already thought about how to structure the ideas in a simple but good way. In the end I came to the conclusion to simply use the Nextcloud Deck application for this purpose. I already installed Nextcloud last year and now I only need to install the application on the server. I have already used the Deck application in other projects for structuring and I like the use of the kanban system very much.

I have made a few minor changes to the hugo-vitae theme. I have also finally added the recommended community standards to make collaboration and communication easier in the future. For the beginning I have taken templates and adapted them as good as possible. But I do not exclude further improvements.

In January I talked about my learning sessions with LaTex. Here is the quote…

LaTeX is currently also a big part in my learning sessions. I would like to publish a few manuals and articles on various topics that interest me in everyday life. These knowledge will be published under CC-BY-4.0, like all of my posts.

ThinkBot: A new year, a new decade and how i’ll proceed, 2020.

Of course this also suffered from my absence and I could not continue with it as desired. Now I want to give more space to other things for the time being and will put LaTeX aside because of that.

At this point, that’s all the information I can give you. But be prepared to be able to read new posts again in shorter intervals.