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18 Dez 2019

Vitae now on Github

In the last few days I was using my free time to make some changes to the Hugo-Ink theme. While I was doing this, there was a wish growing. I wanted to make my own theme. Based on Hugo-Ink, but with features I always missed before. So I sat down and thought about the realization.

The first and most important thing for me, was the ability to disable all third party stuff. The foundation of the theme is something that some people maybe don’t like. But this third party content is getting out of hand. On average, websites have included up to 5 third-party services. 80% of these services belong to Alphabet(Google). In my opinion, this is an alarming rate that has risen steadily in recent years.

Hugo-Vitae was born out of this decision. Third party services are only enabled if you explicitly configure them. Good looking fonts like Roboto(-Slab) and FontAwesome are locally integrated. Multilingual settings that are currently not available are configured by hand and easy to use.

I hope that you have as much fun using this theme as I had fun creating it.